Range of services

We provide a wide range of services related to engineering consulting and property appraisal

For business people is business. Our specialists have the competencies, knowledge and and experience needed to perform their tasks

What is more, for them work is a passion, which translates into full commitment, the necessary accuracy and conscientiousness in subsequent projects and cooperation with our clients.

MDR offers a wide range of services related to Engineering Consulting concerning all kinds of facilities: office, logistics, energy, industrial, residential We deal with:

Technical due dligence,
Consulting services during the preparation and execution of the investment – elimination of risks and optimization of costs as well as the manner of its implementation
Minimization of operational, financial and technical constraints of the investment
Design consultancy
Handling formalities in public offices
Organization of the tender and the selection of the contractor
Analysis of investment profitability
Technical expertise

With the necessary authorizations, we can offer our clients services of estimating the value of real estate and fixed assets for the purposes of ownership transformations, purchase – sale, tax and debt security.

Estimating the value of real estate, fixed assets and property:

– collateral of receivables
– purchase – sale
– taxes
– ownership transformations
– and other

A real estate appraisal is an assessment activity in which the market or replacement value of a property is usually determined. Assessment of the value of the property is performed by an appraiser employed by MDR, who has a state professional qualification.

In the process of property valuation, the appraiser remains an independent party. In the course of estimating the value of real estate the appraiser prepares the appraisal report.

Investment monitoring is carried out by MDR’s specialist engineers to ensure timely and proper implementation of the investment. Services offered in the scope of investment monitoring:

Conducting continuous monitoring of the investment during its duration 
Multiple verification of documentation
Reports on the construction and design process
Conducting and organizing meetings with contractors and designers
Recommending corrective actions
Checking schedules, designs, cost estimates

Investment process management makes it possible to delegate numerous tasks related to the handling of the investment to an external company. In this way, the investor is assured of professional service and is not burdened with time-consuming elements related to investment management.

Investment process management can be divided into several stages according to the level of advancement of works:

preparatory stage
implementation stage
finalisation stage

Technical expertise of buildings is carried out by MDR specialists in order to assess the technical condition of a building or some of its elements e.g. brick or reinforced concrete structures and elements ensuring tightness of buildings.

Moreover, before modernisation or extension of a building we can perform complex expert opinions on its technical condition together with installations